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Rules & Regulation Policy is of XCON GAMING and What we expect from XCON Members while gaming with us. Each and every member of XCON GAMING must read understand and abide by the XCON code and understand that each member of XCON is responsible for their own behavior and actions and safety. Before signed up with XCON GAMING. The leadership and ownership of XCON GAMING assumes no responsibility for the actions of the members. Each member must be responsible for themselves. Any violations of the Code are grounds for dismissal from the XCON Gaming community. XCON GAMING is Gaming Community Clan is for Causal Gamers & Elite Gamers. We have both. XCON GAMING Community is for Casual Gamers who wants to relax not worry about the competitive side of gaming. And who just wants to play with their friends and family an have good time. XCON GAMING Community Clan is for Elite Gamers who wants do Competitive side of gaming in MLG and Tournaments.

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